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Peduli Alam – Environnemental commitment

On the beautiful island of Bali, was born in 2008, an idea to set up an association about environmental protection, specialized in the prevention of dangers caused by the discharge of waste in nature. Balinese nature, so rich and beautiful, suffers from the intensive use of plastic, and people, mostly villagers (farmers and fishermen) are not aware of the consequences.

Outside the cities and tourist areas (which represent only 10% of the island), there is no garbage collection. The objective of Peduli Alam is to help the villagers to be aware of the impact on nature and health that results from incineration or disposal of garbage in nature, rivers and sea . For this, we provide simple solutions with easy access.

The first stage of the project, which was completed mid-July 2009, has consisted of the establishment of a garbage collection system: construction of 50 bins in durable materials in the villages and pickup truck to the recycling center. Along with this action, we hold a prevention and awareness campaign in schools and villages in Amed, a region located in the east of Bali, to encourage people to change their behavior. The association is one of the rare structures in the region of Amed dealing with environmental issues, and is approved by the local authorities.
We also work in collaboration with the Association Anak which sponsors many children in the schools of Amed. By following the example of our generous donors, by joining the association or by making a donation, you give us the ability to pursue our objectives.

For the residents in Bali donations are collected in UBUD:
Le Rendez-Vous Doux, jalan Raya Ubud, +62 361 747 01 63 – +62 361 730 024,
Limajari Cargo, jalan Raya Kerobokan 100X, SEMINYAK – KEROBOKAN

A link on their website as well : www.pedulialam.org