Heroic Hotel

Scooter and Bike Rental

Bike free of charge – on availabilities

Discover the surrounding areas by yourselves with a bicycle or scooter.

Scooter renting : Rp 55.000++/pax

Renting a scooter or a bike is submit to a special permit. Please ask our team before your booking.

Consider having an international license. This is merely a formality to be carried out in the prefecture.
The hirers are not very looking!
From the moment you have the international license no problem!

The only major risk if not having the international license is in case of accident … for insurance. Please make sure to be insured by renting company.
The minor but painful risk without an international license is the police rackett !!
They are placed on the tourist roads, stop only tourists even if you are helmeted and drive correctly.

They always hold the same speech: You are at fault, assume either 1.000.000 of roupia but it can help you .. .. and there the amount varies depending on the policeman.

In average 200,000 per scoot.

The Balinese will tell you not to give more than 10,000 … to put this in your pocket and say that you do not have more than that!

But I did not manage to get away at less than 50000 !!! Ask for a receipt, and threaten to go to court … but this is more complicated.
Good trip, scooter is the best way to see Bali, but watch out for intensive traffic!