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Surya Shanti Paradise Spa

Stillness. Serenity. Relaxation. Healing

At the core of your being, beyond mind, beyond body, lies your true nature.
A sparkle of light. A sprinkling of energy.
Totally peaceful. At one with the world.
Playful. Innocent.
Gentle. Generous.
Loving. Wise.
At your highest, you want the best for yourself, others and the planet.

Our aim at Surya Shanti Paradise Spa is to relax and open your entire being.
We bring you into your sacred heart space where you are free to remember your connection to source energy, the divine flow, who you really are………..

Quality of bodywork

First and foremost you are here for a professional, healing massage or Reiki treatment. It’s all about how you feel. You want your therapist to be focused, present and attuned to your needs.
All our staff are professional, experienced, highly trained massage therapists.
All our Reiki practitioners hold Reiki Tummo certification.
Be assured your therapist will be attuned into your needs, fully present and discrete at all times.

Treatment rooms

Lush, beautiful, sparkling clean indoor and outdoor rooms with freshly laundered linen. We use water treated with a salt based softening system and have pressurised water tanks. Feel the difference in your after massage shower or bath! Plants, the soothing sounds of water, lotus pond and traditional Balinese artworks add to your experience of tranquility.


Drift away to our tranquil sounds or choose your own faves on one of our ipods. Traditional Balinese spa, soft jazz, guided meditations, classical, mantras, contemporary or aural beats. Whatever relaxes you and opens your heart, we’ve got it.

Our products

We use only Ayuvedic and organic oils for our massage treatments. We prefer Nadi’s Herbal products as they are produced locally and are of the highest quality to ensure the best for you and Ibu Earth. Our organic facial and scrub ingredients are sourced from local organic suppliers. Our ginger-lemongrass-pandan-palm sugar tea is a divine after treatment drink.

Eco philosophy

We have built our spa using bio-septic tank systems to protect the surrounding rice fields. We recycle with Eco Bali, use Bio Soap natural soap nut liquid for cleaning the spa, and are actively involved in modelling our practices and encouraging others in the village to dispose of waste cleanly and greenly.


Prices per person* start at…
Prices are exclusive of taxes
Luxurious Oil Bath Massage

IDR  4 850,00

Herbal Powder Massage

IDR  3 400,00

Rice Pudding Massage

IDR  4 250,00

Leaf Pouch Massage

IDR  3 250,00

Spinal Oil Bath

IDR  2 250,00

Revitalization of Mind

IDR  4 250,00

Head Pack

IDR  1 950,00

Herbal Bath • Steam Bath

IDR  1 450,00

Taxes as applicable

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