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1-Balinese Wedding Ceremony or Balinese Blessing
2-Honeymoon evening package
3-Cooking Classes
4-Shopping in Ubud

Balinese Wedding Ceremony or Balinese Blessing

Imagine getting married on the island of Bali, so called the Blessed Isle of the Gods; Imagine exchanging your promises of living together and testifying your love in the fairytale setting of this magical island … Imagine, surrounded by your closest friends and family or just intimate, to share this magical and unforgettable moment …
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We propose you to realize this dream by taking care of all the organization of this ceremony in the place of your choice. You can get married in the many tropical gardens of Surya Shanti Paradise, or on request and optionally in another part of the island – a deserted beach, a Balinese temple lost in the jungle or simply in the middle of a magnificent Rice fields.
If you wish, you will be able to be pampered in advance with two hours of treatment in our intimate spa, then you will meet the organizing team to prepare the ceremony and administrative documents.

On D-Day you will have a villa to prepare yourself and a hairdresser will take care of the hair and the make-up of Madame. A bouquet of white roses in your hand, you will arrive in a dream decor, while your dear and tender will wait for you, a white rose in the buttonhole. On the music of your choice, you will walk up to it, before you say a simple but memorable “YES”!

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The Balinese Blessing

Renew your wedding vows in Bali with your spouse, and find the thrill of the first day!

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More ceremonial than a simple anniversary, this ceremony is a typically Balinese blessing during which a Mangku, a holy Balinese man, will pray to the Gods to bring happiness and longevity to your union. Offerings of flowers and fruit, subtle smell of incense, you will take advantage of this precious moment to renew your vows of happiness. It is sometimes nice to take the time, as the Balinese do, to land and offer your couple a magic moment.

Discover a Balinese Blessing at Surya Shanti Paradise.

The organization and the logistics are ensured by the personnel of the hotel that you have chosen, who takes care for you to regulate the different positions. A formula very affordable and spectacular, which will leave to all magical memories of these instants of renewed complicity.

Prices for Wedding Ceremony in Bali or Balinese Blessing

(Renewal of wishes)
• Wedding ceremony: USD 550
• Photographer and souvenir album: USD 350
• Make-up and hairdresser: USD 300

• Balinese ceremony – Traditional Balinese outfits, offerings, make-up and hairdresser: USD 800

Surya Shanti Villa as well as the Subak Tabola Villa gracefully provide you with the gardens of their Balinese properties to accommodate your moment of happiness. Not included in the price (with supplement): special decoration, special dinner, other place of ceremony.

Honeymoon evening package

“Start your evening with a one hour traditional Balinese massage followed by a warm bath strewn with fresh flowers.

End it with a romantic menu prepared especially for you. “

Rp 1.250.000++/pax

including 1 bottle of HATTEN WINE for the couple during diner

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Cooking Classes

The Surya Shanti Villa cooking class is a hands-on sensory experience on how to prepare and enjoy a variety of classic Indonesian dishes and Balinese food.

You will learn how to use the many exotic herbs and spices used in everyday Balinese/Indonesian dishes and will travel to the local market to experience first hand the sights and smells of how these spices are made available. Participants will then actively help make these aromatic dishes.

“Recipes will be given out with a Certificate for each participant.”

Rp 650.000++/pax
(Minimum 2 persons)



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Shopping in Ubud

Take a trip to Ubud, the best place in Bali for shopping : handicrafts, paintings, wood carvings, and more.

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Considered the cultural center of Bali, you will find everything you want at a good price.

“While in the area try the famous Babi Guling! for lunch”.

It is grilled sucking pig, nicely seasoned and stuffed with chili.

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It takes 4 hours to cook!

We can suggest restaurants for you.

Do not miss it, as it is a special balinese dish usually reserved for special occasions.”

Rp 550.000++/pax

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